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The Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro features professional-quality digital-to-analog converters (DACs) with 116dB SNR, plus an I/O module with a comprehensive selection of connectivity for audio creation with easy-to-use control knobs for the X-Fi 24-bit Crystalizer, X-Fi CMSS- 3D (Creative Multi-Speaker Surround), 3DMIDI, and EAX. The Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro also features 64MB of on-board X-RAM - audio memory dedicated to higher gaming audio quality and performance, in addition to a built-in pre-amp for direct recording, and high-impedance inputs for electric guitars. The "top of the line" Sound Blaster X-Fi solution, the Elite Pro includes all of the standard features, application software, power and performance capabilities of the entire family of Sound Blaster X-Fi cards (described below), in one ultimate solution.

Cnet reviewed Creative Soundblaster X-FI Elite Pro Review :
The X-Fi Elite Pro comes with a multichannel DVD Audio disc player application, but for those who stick with more conventional formats, CMSS-3D's music modes effectively convert stereo music into multichannel soundtracks that make you feel like you're onstage with the band. For headphone gaming sessions, CMSS 3D delivered competitive, although not fully convincing, surround-sound simulation. Recordings we made from Internet radio streams and external sources closely mirrored the originals.